1. The Zombie Apocalypse Has Hit HotDish Hell, MN…

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    November 4, 2013 by meximo70

    Fair Lakes, MN. Copywriter Len Emerson has woke up in his fair city of Fair Lakes, MN to the zombie apocalypse! …
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  2. Mobile Phone Companies Accused of Rape…but who’s going to prosecute?


    June 24, 2013 by meximo70

    Hotdish Hell. I tried for the longest time to go without a cell phone. Because really, when i went on …
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  3. HotDish Hell Citizens Will Have to Bury Their Own Dead…


    April 22, 2013 by meximo70

    If there is ever a time for a zombie apocalypse it is now. At least we would know where our …
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  4. Shrek the Ogre is Coming!


    April 19, 2013 by meximo70

    That’s right, you’ve heard it right. The Blue Earth Town and Country Players are presenting “Shrek: the musical” this summer. …
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  5. Conversations in HotDish Hell # 21: Calendar Conversations.


    April 18, 2013 by meximo70

    The following is a typical conversation between two people of not only HotDish Hell residents…but pretty much the whole state. You …
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  6. Mobile Phones and Facebook Apps…kill me…NOW…


    April 16, 2013 by meximo70

    It was the 17th of June, 1946 when that first mobile phone call from an automobile in St. Louis, Missouri …
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  7. 8 Year Old Loses Life Because of Idiot Parent…


    April 15, 2013 by meximo70

    Having worked in many jobs which involve contact with the public, i have been appalled at some of the parenting …
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  8. “People in (hotdish) Hell Want Ice Water”…


    April 11, 2013 by meximo70

    It seems the big headlines in HotDish Hell, MN lately is “water, water, water”. Why? Well, it seems our city …
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  9. An Open Letter to the Nintendo Corporation…


    April 8, 2013 by meximo70

    Dear Pii-ple, I am writing to about a couple things. Let’s get the Nintendo Wii fit out of the way: After …
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  10. The Streets Will Run Black with the Blood of the Undead in HotDish Hell, MN


    April 5, 2013 by meximo70

    Got your attention? Good. I have roughly 6 novels that have been started over the past 15 years. The way …
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Meta Leta High, Meta Hiney Ho!

HotDish Hell Hath Frozen Over

Days Till SummerJune 21, 2013
Ahhhhh...warming warmth of warming

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