Conversations in HotDish Hell, MN #8: Facts and Logic

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December 11, 2012 by meximo70

globalwarmingcoverI have some pretty die-hard conservative friends, and i’m always supportive of anyone as long as they’re passionate about it. Don’t really have time for people who ride the fence or are wishy washy about anything.

Most of the time, my views are liberal. While i do hold to a few conservative viewpoints, my “right” friends have labelled me a leftist, commie, red-lovin’, pinko, libtard. that’s just to name a few.

i always enjoy a good debate, as long as the other person respects your opinion. well, i a conservative friend “Dan” who wears his buttons on his sleeve; is always ribbing me on how us “libtards” always go with our emotions and never think about “facts and logic”. So we decided to talk about global warming, and i came at him with “facts and logic”.

Dan: man, it’s like 68 degrees out! and it’s December!

Me: hmmph, yup, and there’s no global warming.

Dan: oh, God! are you going to go on about that? Al Gore is a moron! There’s no scientific proof that global warming is even occuring!

Me: It’s a scientific fact that global temps have climbed 1.4 degrees since 1880. most of that increase has happened in the last decade.

Dan: The earth goes through these climate changes. we’re just going through one now.

Me: Yeah, that’s true. But those climate changes, according to climatologists; happen every 100,000 to 200,000 years…the changes now are dramatic and happening within the last 10 years. Glacier national park had over 150 glaciers in 1910, now there are less than 27. all of this is backed up by scientific data by the National Snow and Ice Data Center and the National Geophysical Union.

Dan: Fine! but i will not stand by and listen to you tell me that it’s the fault of mankind! this is a natural occurance!

Me: wouldn’t “logic” state that because of the increase in population…mankind is using more and more machines, fuel, electricity, resources? causing more methane and other wastes? wouldn’t it make “logical” sense to say that because of overpopulation, that more consumer waste is being made?

Dan: well…yeah, but—!

Me: so you agree with the fact that the earth’s population has increased drastically since the baby-boomers at least?

Dan: well…i guess so, but—-!

Me: and you would agree with the “logic” that because of increased population, more waste and carbon dioxide is being produced than the earth’s rainforests can produce back into oxygen? especially within the last boom of population?

Dan: well…yeah…but…you *CENSORED*! I don’t care what you say or where you got your *CENSORED* information from!! I refuse to believe it!

globalwarmingmankindMe: there you right-wing, war mongering, earth-raping, repugnicons go; allowing emotion to dictate the truth…



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