Conversations in HotDish Hell, MN #19: What’s Up, Doc?


January 16, 2013 by meximo70

nursescoverWent to the doctor’s office today to have something checked. Had my mind on a lot of things so when this conversation started up, it hit me out of the blue:

Receptionist: Hi, how can we help you today?

Me: i have a 12 o’clock appointment.

Receptionist: “Meximo Gundersen?”

Me: yep, that’s me.

Receptionist: you know your own name! that’s good! you’re doing very well! now, how about your birthdate?

Me: er…June 13, 1970.

Receptionist: you’re doing better than most. How about your address?

Me: um…er…uh…

Receptionist: aww, you lost. You were doing really good though.

Nurse: Are you hawaiian?

Me: well, i was born there. But my polynesian heritage is from New Zealand.

Receptionist: I was there and in Australia! I did the poi dance with a maori dance group out there. Can you do the Haka?

Me: not very well.

nurseshakaReceptionist: c’mon, show us what you know. (to nurse) it’s a really intense dance. (to me) c’mon, we wanna see a haka.

Me: er…no, i don’t do things like that for free.

Nurse: oh, c’mon, i’ve never seen a “haka” before.

Receptionist: Yeah, c’mon. At least show us the face they make when the warriors do the haka.

Nurse: oh, yeah, let’s see that!

Doctor: he’s even samoan!

Nurse: no, he’s Hawaiian, he just said it.

Me: actually, i’m Maori…but…

Receptionist: yeah, guys, he’s Maori. They’re from New Zealand.

Nurse: but he said he was born in Hawaii?

nurseshakafaceReceptionist: Oh, whatever! They’re all polynesian…now how about that haka face?



2 thoughts on “Conversations in HotDish Hell, MN #19: What’s Up, Doc?

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    Dude, you gotta move outta there. Them’s little town’s a calling your name to show ’em the haka? Okay, now I’m in stitches! It’s one of those surreal moments where everyone breaks into song and dance and egging you to perform the Hawaiian/Polynesian/Samoan/Maori, isn’t it? Yeah, you gotta move outta there!

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