Paranormal Deactivity 2: U to F to the Uh-Oh…


January 26, 2013 by meximo70

I used to live on the outskirts of HotDish Hell, MN in the country. It was a 6 acre plot about 8 miles from the town line.

One of the things i enjoyed doing was taking a drive on the country roads. i was new to this area, so everything i saw was fresh and interesting.

orbstriangleOne evening, right at dusk, i noticed what i thought was a star. So i pulled over to take a look at it because it seemed awful low for a star. As i looked at it with binoculars, i noticed it was a triangular-shaped chrome aircraft. It’s hull was smooth and completely reflective. It was pointed straight up and down and it was just hovering in place. I looked from west to east and noticed that there were several of these aircraft in a perfect line as far as the eye could see in either direction.

However odd that it seemed, that these aircraft could sit perfectly still, in a perfect line from one end of the horizon to the other; i dismissed them as military aircraft since there was an air base in Sioux City, IA 2 hrs to the southwest.

kathrynkiteSeveral years later, around my youngest daughter’s birthday in April; i was flying kites with my youngest. It was a partly cloudy sky around mid-day. One of the gifts i had bought her was a kite and we decided on that windy day that we would go fly it at the soccer fields south of town.

My daughter is an expert kite flyer. She got it pretty high, and watching the wonder on her face was probably the most satisfying feeling for a parent.

orbsAfter a half hour, as i was watching her kite, i noticed 6 or 7 objects in a “V” formation flying from south to north. At first i thought they were Canadian geese, but as they approached our area i realized they were too big to be geese. Then i thought maybe they were jet fighters, but as they got above us, i noticed they were completely spherical in shape. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing. So I asked my daughter to look. She scanned the sky where i was pointing. She finally saw them as they approached a bank of clouds.

orbsoutformation“What the–!” she said.

Just as she said that, they broke their formation and flew in erratic patterns impossible to be any aircraft. Then, one by one they disappeared into the cloud and we never saw them again.

The incident really shook me. Especially with my daughter confiming that she also saw it. Within a couple months of that i was to get on a plane to California for a family vacation. But i really didn’t want to be up in the air with those things.


I contacted the group M.U.F.O.N. (Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network) to report it. The agent for southern Minnesota had tried several times to set up a time to meet with me and talk about the “sighting” but something always came up on his end that it never happened. I had decided that it wasn’t worth the effort. i had no photographs, or video. I had a flip phone at the time with a horrible camera on it, and i was so awestruck that i didn’t even think to snap any attempt at photographic evidence.


3 thoughts on “Paranormal Deactivity 2: U to F to the Uh-Oh…

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    Wow! Just, wow! Other than paranormal activity, I would call this a true-blue alien sighting. To have it happen twice in a lifetime is so startling. Makes me wonder if the others weren’t following as a prime candidate for abduction!

    Early last year, when heading for my walk to work at about 5:30 in the morning, the stars were still out and the night air held a chill. I’m certain it was February or March. As I stood on my veranda, slipping on my backpack, I looked up into the sky, just as I had done for years, and saw a small solitary dot in the eastern horizon, streaking across the sky. I didn’t know what it was but I knew whatever it was, it wasn’t natural. It would have had a tail, otherwise. At least, that’s what I thought. The very next day, I spoke with my neighbor about it and he said I may have been right. That it wasn’t natural. He suggested I may have actually seen a satellite streaking across the sky. Sure enough, I think he was right. The next morning I saw it again, although I had to wait a few minutes because I had left the house a few minutes earlier. He said if what I saw was a satellite then I’d be able to see it the next day at the very same time. He was right!

    Anyway, to make a long story short, I’d hoped he was wrong. I’d hoped that I actually saw an UFO instead and, like you, would’ve liked to report it. Oh, well. I have yet to have my chance of such a sighting…

    …then again, why would I want to do that and tempt fate and risk being abducted by aliens? lol

    • meximo70 says:

      i felt that same way the first time i saw the ISS through a telescope. i thought and was hoping it was of extraterrestrial origin, but after checking a few sites and asking around, it was the ISS.
      now that i’ve seen an actual UFO, i wish i hadn’t. it is very unsettling on a persons philosophy, and spiritual beliefs.
      the hardest thing about telling this story, is that i’ve always been a prankster, so when i began telling people about it, they looked at me sideways.

      • Jack Flacco says:

        For sure such an experience would unsettle a person. I know I would have gone crazy knowing I saw a UFO. It’s not an ordinary thing to have happen to a person. In fact its one of those things you hear others to have experience, but you? Never! Crazy how these things, as rare as they are, seem to occur when we least expect it.

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