Mobile Phone Companies Accused of Rape…but who’s going to prosecute?


June 24, 2013 by meximo70

MobilephonescoverHotdish Hell. I tried for the longest time to go without a cell phone. Because really, when i went on vacation i really didn’t want ANYONE to get ahold of me. i just wanted to be gone and answer my phone messages when i got back.

But i was kidding myself. Eventually, i had to succumb to the cell phone because i was working away from home and needed to stay in touch with my family. So i hooked up with Whorizon Wireless. Supposedly the best network out there, i could not get a signal in downtown Omaha. When i was in Minnesota to see my family i was charged roaming fees.

When i moved back my wife and i got SmalTel. Which was a decent company, although we had to change our plan whenever we would go on vacation because our service was only in the general area in which we worked and lived.

mobilephonecoverdaughterWhorizon Wireless bought out Smaltel, and at first the transition was seamless. Then they changed our plan to match their plans, then “unlimited data” became “shared data”. i was informed by my daughter that if i didn’t get her more texting on our plan, i would ruin her social life. well, what dad wants to do that? So our plan went from $108/month for 4 phones, to $158/month. When the share plan kicked in from unlimited, then it jumped to $178. By the middle of last year, their service plan went to $215/month. Some of our phones pooped out on us, so when we traded them in they sent us “refurbished like new” phones.

They also messed up billing. I had it set up on auto-pay, and sometimes they would double dip from my bank account. I was with them since the SmalTel days for 8 years. Because the account kept getting screwed up they put me on cash pay only, and i had to go in every month to a Whorizon Store and pay them cash. If you pay your bill in cash, you also get penalized an extra $5. I wondered why they were penalizing me for their mistake, but i never got a straight answer.

mobilephonecoverbrainFinally, this year i had had enough and decided, contract or not; i’m done with Whorizon Wireless! So i cancelled the contract early and hooked up with Tramp mobile USA. They were going to retrain my brain at $35/month for 300 anytime minutes and unlimited data or messaging. Better yet, no contract!!

The first month went well. The second month, for some reason my daughter’s phone was shut off. So i went online and said that payment was not recieved for that months “top up”, so i entered in my credit card and boom! they charged me $75 for her phone! So i called them up and asked them what the problem was and why i was charged double. They said they were “updating” the system, the first payment was recieved and i didn’t need to add another $35. So i asked for the $35 back and they said it was in a cash account that can be used towards next months bill. so i told them to keep it in there.

mobilephonecoverdollarsThis month, i paid my bill two days ago. I checked my bank account and the money was taken out. I also registered my credit card with them so i wouldn’t have the hassle of having to call them again or go online to pay every month. they would just text me when the bill was ready, i would just click “yes” and it would be paid. Well, my services were shut off this morning. i looked online and it said i still owed like .20 cents. So i went to pay the .20 cents and then it said i had to pay in $5 increments. So i paid the $5. Then it told me i only needed to pay $30 to get my service back on. WHAT??? i called them and they said they were doing an update to their system and the payment wasn’t registered yet. i didn’t need to pay more for service to be continued. They wouldn’t tell me why i got the text messages and emails telling me to do so, they just said to disregard them, that i was paid up. So when i asked for my $5 back they told me it would be 10 business days before it would be credited to my account!!

So it’s either get raped in an expensive 2 year contract with big corporations…or get raped by no contract hindis….le sigh.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Companies Accused of Rape…but who’s going to prosecute?

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    This is why I’ve never give a utility company my credit card. It’s like you’re giving them power of attorney over your firstborn. All I can say is keep your credit card as close to the breast as possible without revealing it to no one. Hard to do, considering the companies make it hard to refuse their service. But it’s worth every penny of aggravation by paying by other means other than CC.

    Also, $218/month for a cell+texting? That’s absolutely nuts! Thankfully, here in Canada we have Koodo, which is an amazing company that allows you to pay as you go and has an all-inclusive package with unlimited texting, free calling nights and weekends and all sorts of other neat things for just under $80 CAD. It’s crazy, really! But $218??? That’s too much craziness for my blood.

    Did you ever get everything resolved?

    • meximo70 says:

      yes, actually, i went with virgin mobile. i only pay $35 a month for 300 anytime minutes, and unlimited texting and data. the only draw back was that i had to buy my own phone, but better off in the long run.

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